3 Tips For Finding the Perfect Dress for a Fall Wedding

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3 Tips For Finding the Perfect Dress for a Fall Wedding

Fall is a gorgeous time for weddings with the warm blend of colors and the cool air it entails. It's a time of transition between the short sleeves and bright hues of summer to the darker hues and snug clothing of the colder seasons. For guest wedding dresses, there are plenty of choices for trying something new and showing off a little without going too overboard. For anyone in search of something to wear, here are a few choice ideas that blend wonderfully in most autumn wedding ceremonies. 

Fall Tips For Guest Wedding Dresses 

1. Remember Your Color Palette!

Pastel colors work well for spring and summer, but once fall arrives you're going to want to go for something darker. Warm colors are always a good choice, (reds, golds, and purples in particular,) but cooler colors like blue and green can work just as well with the right shade. Opt for something a bit less glaring for cooler colors, but feel free to tune it up a bit for warmer ones.

2. Dress For The Weather

Especially if the wedding ceremony is outside, be sure to wear enough material to keep you comfortable and warm. Long dresses and long sleeve dresses aren't a bad choice, but they aren't your only choice either. The right leggings can be an enormous help, as can certain light jackets that cover your arms and shoulders without obscuring too much else. 

3. Go For Thicker Fabrics

There's nothing wrong with going for something cozy and snug, especially if it fits the color scheme you're looking for. Thicker fabrics usually work well with autumn themes in general, lending a more subdued yet nonetheless ornate flair to the occasion. 

Find The Perfect Guest Dress For Your Child

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