Insanely Creative First Birthday Ideas That You'll Love

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Insanely Creative First Birthday Ideas That You'll Love

Is anything more precious than a baby's first birthday party? You will naturally wish to create a memorable occasion for everyone, so you'll want to look past the usual balloons and cake in order to create a meaningful and imaginative celebration of this milestone. Following are some ideas:


  • Let's face it: 1-year-olds spent most of their time in a diaper and a onesie or T-shirt. Naturally, you will leap at the chance to dress up your little one in finery befitting the occasion. Think plenty of tulle and filmy gauze! For inspiration, browse our lookbook.


  • Seasonal-themed decorations are a popular choice. Flowers for spring, greenery for summer, colorful leaves and Indian corn for fall, and snowflakes for winter. You'll want to be sure the colors match the season, too: pastels for spring, primary colors for summer, warm jewel tones for fall and cool white, blues and purples for winter.
  • Imaginative backgrounds with the little one's name will invite guests to take selfies. Perhaps you will even wish to add props. The sky's the limit!
  • Be sure to incorporate kiddo's favorite things into the decor for a personal touch like no other. Whether your little one is drawn to cats, dogs, trucks, or dolls, having representation of these favorites is such a loving way to celebrate.


  • You'll almost certainly have little ones at the party, so cater to their palates. String cheese, cut-up fruits and veggies, even goldfish crackers are great choices for this age group.
  • For the grown-ups, tea sandwiches (don't forget to cut the crusts!) and devilled eggs are easy choices. If you're feeling more ambitious, hot appetizers such as ham and cheese puffs are still simple, but a little more impressive.
  • Don't forget the cake! Some like to keep the cake very simple, since babies will inevitably wind up with it all over them. Others make a simple cake just for Baby to destroy, while reserving a fancier cake (like this adorable unicorn cake) for serving everyone else.
  • Beverages that everyone likes include lemonade, juice, and of course water. To kick it up a notch, combine an exotic fruit juice such as passion fruit or pear with seltzer for a fizzy yet kid-friendly drink.

We hope you've collected some great ideas for your baby's upcoming first birthday! The most important thing is to not take on too much so that you can be relaxed and enjoy this very important moment in your young one's life. One thing we can take off your list is finding the perfect outfit for your little girl, with our gorgeous special occasion looks for ages 3 months to 16 years old. Contact us or stop by today to see how we can make your life a little more beautiful!


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