The Right Fit: A Guide For Understanding Girl's Dress Sizes

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The Right Fit: A Guide For Understanding Girl's Dress Sizes

Sizing for any variety of clothing is never an exact science. For girls, the issue can even more complicated at times. Age, height, and weight usually important to consider, but the waist, chest, and hip measurements can also be important. With dresses, nearly every measure of the body is needed to ensure an exact fit, which can make shopping for the correct size problematic. Fortunately, you can always find a decently fitting dress that suits whatever occasion you have in mind as long as you know what it is you're looking for. 


Understanding Girl's Dress Sizes

There are two key factors to understanding dress sizes. The first is measurements and the second is the terminology. Once you know how these two aspects fit together, it's relatively easy to find a dress that fits comfortably. 



Be sure to have a decent measuring tape for taking down sizes. Ideally, you should measure each part of the body separately and as straightly as possible. This includes the chest, waist, hips, height, and inseam. To do this, be sure to stand straight and remove any shoes or other features that could alter the measurement's accuracy. Once you have the measurements, now all you need is to convert them to the proper terminology to find the best fit.


Size Terminology

If possible, try to convert your measurements to a size chart. These diagrams should have a list of measurements corresponding to different dress sizes that are available. Remember that not all size charts are equal. Different brands may have different measurements to determine their sizes, and there may also be separate charts plus and slim sizes. Also, be aware of terms such as slim fit, relaxed fit, and rise fit, which refer to how much extra room a dress has relative to the size, rather than to the size itself. 


Prepared For Any Occasion

With these two aspects in mind, you're prepared to find the best-fitting dress for any occasion. At Blink Blank, we specialize in formal wear for girls of all sizes from the ages of three months to sixteen years. Feel free to contact us here for any questions or concerns and get started on finding the perfect dress today!


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