Tips For Finding The Perfect Flower Girl Dress For A Summer Wedding

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Tips For Finding The Perfect Flower Girl Dress For A Summer Wedding

When planning a summer wedding, the key is to keep things crisp, airy, carefree, and fun -- just like summer itself! This is all the truer when it comes to flower girl dresses since flower girls are always such a source of light and whimsy in a wedding ceremony. Here are a few tips for picking out the perfect flower girl dress for a summer wedding:

Celebrate Soft Shades

A classic white is always acceptable for a summer wedding, but summer is also a great time to consider pastel shades as well. We find that a soft pink or blue is an especially sweet option, but it's hard to go wrong with any dreamy and light shade.

Embrace Patterns

Whether it's a winsome floral or an understated polka dot, summertime weddings are an excellent opportunity to break with tradition and incorporate a delicate print...just make sure that it complements the other shades in your bridal party nicely!

Keep It Easy and Breezy

You can't go wrong with seasonal fabrics like linen, eyelet lace, and cotton. In addition to looking ethereal when the sun hits them just so, these fabrics will also help keep your flower girl cool on a hot summer day.

Consider a Pop of Color

Summer is the perfect time to make a bold and colorful choice, so a colorful flower girl dress is an ingenious way to add that pop of color to your wedding photos. You can also add a touch of vibrant color to a white dress using a ribbon sash, a flower appliqué, or colorful accessories.

Flower girl dresses befitting all of these styles can be found in our gallery and many of these tips apply to finding a dress for other summer occasions, as well. If you're looking for more inspiration, check out our blog or contact us for help finding the perfect dress for your needs!


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