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Educational Apps for Kids to Learn From HOME!


With the school year coming to an end, kids will be spending a lot more time at home and a LOT more time on their screens. Make the most of their screen time by encouraging them to use educational apps that will keep their brains engaged and help them learn!


1. Busy Shapes - Best for: TODDLERS

Busy Shapes was developed by Montessori educators. This app helps toddlers begin to learn about how objects relate to each other. Similar to physical shape sorting tools, they must drag the shapes to the corresponding hole and it gets more challenging as they level up. 


2. ABC Mouse - Best for: PRE-SCHOOLERS

ABC Mouse is not just one game but a platform with hundreds of interactive activities, games, and videos. This app does have a monthly subscription fee as it is a full-fledged curriculum. It's a great way to prepare kids who are going into first grade!


3. Funbrain JR - Best for: PRE-SCHOOLERS

Funbrain JR, similar to ABC Mouse hosts hundreds of games in one place. These games vary from those requiring strategy, logic, reasoning, language skills, etc. The best part is that Funbrain JR is completely free! 


4. Poptropica - Best for: GRADE-SCHOOL

Poptropica is a story-based interactive game that helps develop problem solving skills. You build an avatar and are given various "missions" that you need to complete. To complete the missions or tasks, you must think creatively, and strategically in order to collect prizes. 


5. DuoLingo - Best for: MIDDLE SCHOOL 

Duolingo is one of the best online methods to learn new languages. Whether it's French, Russian, Spanish, Mandarin, Tagalog, etc. Language learning is a great way to keep our brains sharp and it's also an extremely effective way to open up new opportunities and meet people in different cultures. Duolingo keeps things simple and also rewards you with coins and prizes when you start levelling up. This will give kids incentive to keep going!

Let us know which one is your favourite!

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